About Us

MK Publishers Limited is a private limited liability company (herein after referred to as “the company”) which was incorporate in Kampala, Uganda on 25 January 1995. The company has its Head Office in Kampala and has grown over the years.


The company is now a regional player, covering the Eastern and Southern African Region providing quality and affordable school textbooks for the African child, which meets the customer’s expectations. Countries of operation and distribution include; Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi.


The company is one of the leading Primary and Secondary school book publishing houses in Africa with over 1,000 book titles covering among others, the whole range of textbooks in the Primary and Secondary curricula, general books, academic and scholarly works; representing a huge investment in book development, stock printing and fixed assets which include own premises, a 5 storied building in Kampala which is its headquarters (See www.mkpublishers.com).


The books market is poised to continue on the growth path in the foreseeable future. The economies within the region have continued to register positive growth despite the global slow-down in economic activities. Consumption of books is directly related to economic activities of various economies. Research on the regional Central Banks quarterly reports, Bureau of Statistics reports, Education Ministries reports indicate a robust growth in the purchase of text books, and forecasts portend a growth trend mainly due to changes in Education syllabuses.


To be a leading schools publishing house producing books based on the outside-in market concept with the countries’ specific local flavours at competitive prices using a small self-driven, in-house developed staff who are highly motivated, time conscious and with an eye for quality”


To be a leading school books publisher in Africa with an eye for quality.

Our Values

  • To place a premium on the voice of a customer
  • To pursue excellence in people practices
  • To engender effective team work
  • To ensure fairness, integrity and transparency
  • To be passionate about our work
  • To value our customers, as they are our sole source of cash flow